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Privacy Policy

This site sets a cookie when you visit any page on the site. This cookie lets you see what comments, entries, or ratings have been added since your last visit. The cookie renews whenever you visit a new page. If you do not visit the site for four months, the cookie will expire.

This site uses Google Analytics to track visitor activity. You can read Google's privacy policy at their site.

This site is also registered as a Facebook application, in order to allow people to log in with their Facebook credentials. When you log in or register using your Facebook account, your email address, Facebook user name, and the IP used to register is recorded in this site's database. This site does not require or request the permissions to read or write to any portion of your Facebook page.

Rating Policy

Members can rate any product or review, provided they are logged in. When I rate something I try to rate based on cost, general effectiveness, and ease of use. Since not all products will work for everyone, and there may be subjective factors involved (scent or taste, the undertones or exact color), I note those in my review but try not to take them into account when rating a product. You may use any criteria you wish

Membership Policy

Membership is not required to use the site. Membership is required to make comments, rate products, or enter the sweepstakes. A valid email address is required for membership activation. Initial member comments are moderated, until the site administrator decides that, yes, you're a human being and not a cabbage or a Precious Mao Button (or a spammer.) No fees are collected for membership. You must be at least 13 years of age to register. Participation in any of the sweepstakes on the site is governed by your local law - essentially, you must be a legal adult for your locality's definition of same.

Anyone who is over 13 years of age may register for site membership. Certain IP addresses have been blocked from signing up for membership. This is due to repeated attempts to compromise the account and the server, originating from that IP. If you happen to use an IP that has been banned, you will not be able to register for the site.

Members are encouraged to fill out their profile, including site URL, Facebook page, and Twitter ID. These pieces of information are displayed with every comment posted, for every active member. However, any commercial or adult links, malware or suspected malware, or links to sites that break or evade US law, are forbidden.

Members may upload an avatar - a small icon, like a favicon or a Twitter icon. The avatar will be displayed next to all comments the member makes. The images are forcibly sized to 32 pixels by 32 pixels. No nudity, overt violence, or depiction of illegal activities in member avatars. Images may not violate copyrights.

Community Policy

You must be logged in to post comments or replies to comments. I'd love you to share your own experiences, observations and opinions. But don't attack or disparage others or their posts.

Do not leave your site URL in your comments. Your site will be linked in the "commenter byline" of each comment that you make, along with your Twitter and Facebook profiles. If you have another noncommercial link to share that's relevant to the discussion at hand, feel free to put that into your comment; but any link you include should be relevant to the discussion, and must not be: self-promotion (a link to a site you own or contribute to); a commercial or adult link; malware or suspected malware; or a link to sites that break or evade US law.

No code of any kind is allowed in the comments. This is for security measures - both for the site software, and for people viewing the site.


Unless otherwise stated, all sweepstakes are open to all registered members of the site, other than Banned members. Sweepstakes entries are collected and verified using Rafflecopter.

Members violating any of the membership or community policies may be banned.